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Praise for Better Than College

“How did we get tricked into believing that success, fortune, and self-knowledge only come with a college degree?

Better Than College explodes this myth and shows how any young adult can craft a powerful and affordable higher education—no institution required.”

—Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires

“Unsure about college? Blake Boles has written a clear and wildly inspirational guide

for those who long for a meaningful way to gain self-knowledge, acquire relevant experience and dive into full engagement. This isn't a second-best proposition for young people just not cut out for college—it's a bold blueprint for anyone looking to become focused, fired up and ready to define and follow their own successful path. Conversational and insightful, this book is packed with wisdom, valuable tips and delightful success stories. Better Than College will unleash a tremendous amount of talent and should be required reading for every high school student.”

—Maya Frost, author of The New Global Student

“Higher education in America is on the brink of disruption.

As prices rise and relevance declines, a chorus of voices is urging us to rethink college as we know it. And few of those voices are clearer or more compelling than Blake Boles. Better Than College is a clarion call for independent thinkers and self-directed young people to take control of their learning. Bypassing college may not be the right move for everyone, but reading this book will help anyone think anew about education and the future.”

—Daniel Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“If you are ready to take control of your learning--and save a bundle of money at the same time--

this book will provide you with compelling inspiration and practical information. You couldn't choose a better guide to creating your own future.”

—Wendy Priesnitz, editor of Life Learning Magazine and author of Beyond School

“It's very easy for a young person today to walk straight from high school into college

and emerge four years later, deep into their twenties, with almost no experience running their own lives, no practical knowledge or skills, and the belief that they have to be institutionally instructed to learn anything. And carrying a giant load of debt too! Are you sure that four-year degree is as valuable and indispensable as you hope it is? Now more than ever is the time to look closely at the possibilities, think hard and carefully, and not just fall into decisions. There are lots of reasons to go to college, and lots of reasons not to, and either way Better Than College is a tremendous place to start: the writing is straightforward, nondogmatic, and honest. If you're planning to go (or return) to college (or not), read this book first!”

—Matt Hern, founder of the Purple Thistle Centre and author of Field Day and Everywhere All the Time

“More and more young adults are realizing that college has little to offer them other than wasted time and debt.

Unfortunately, most of society doesn't get it, because most of society has been conditioned to believe the lie that college is the only path to professional success and financial security. Blake Boles provides these young adults with a roadmap (and three questions that all young adults should ask themselves) that will help guide them toward more meaningful experiences, and the ammunition they need to deal with the naysayers.”

—Antonio Buehler, founder of Buehler Education

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